To know Christ and to make Him known

Table View, Cape Town, South Africa

Parish of St Chads

Anglican Church

Dear God’s People

Greetings of peace and love.

Yesterday’s Gospel (27/06/2021) was about the story of Jairus’ daughter and a Magdalean woman who had suffered severe bleeding for 12 years (Mark 5: 21-43). These two stories in this piece of scripture give us the sense that there are things in life such as desease that interfere with life putting it in misery and sometimes even destroying it. On the contrary, we saw in the same Gospel passage how Jesus healed the woman of Magdala and restored Jairus’ daughter to life.

This action by Jesus undoubtedly gives us hope for our own circumstances which we are currently traversing. God has power to reverse those things that threaten our human life and we have confidence that Covid19 will come to pass one day.

Yesterday in the morning at Eucharistic Service I announced that St. Chads will temporary close its Church doors due to the rising numbers in the cases of Covid19 and will only open upon the advice of the experts in this field. Later at St. Laurence in a meeting with the Chaperly council, we also suspended the services there. We shall continue monitoring the situation and we will open the Church doors when it is appropriate. Your health matters more than anything else.

In view of this, we will reach in prayer by live streaming services from the Church beginning at 10am every Sunday morning. Please subscribe to St. Chads facebook if you are not yet there so that you are able to follow the services. At St. Lawrence, Fr. Siyolo Dano will prepare a message for St. Laurence congregation every Sunday morning.

I thank you for your continued support to our Church financially and in other ways. Please continue supporting the Church at this dire moment so that we can stay afloat.

Keep observing the guide lines or Covid19 protocols given to us by the authorities

And emphasised by the president in his address to us last night. If you do that, you are contributing to flattening the curve.

May God bless and keep you safe.

Venerable Tobias Mutale

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