To know Christ and to make Him known

Table View, Cape Town, South Africa

Parish of St Chads

Anglican Church

Welcome to St Chad’s Anglican Church

We give thanks to the Lord for the warmth and love that we enjoy in abundance here at St Chad’s and we look forward to sharing God’s love with you.

Our vision and mission at St Chad’s is “To know Christ and make Him known”.  We believe that, it is only through a deep and meaningful relationship with Jesus, that we are able to find peace with God, with ourselves and with others. 

It is with joy that we share the Good News in Christ and minister in His Name here at St Chad’s.  We long for all to experience the wonder of God’s Presence and His amazing grace.  We believe that God has a divine purpose for all our lives.  We are therefore challenged to daily open our lives to God and it is our prayer that God will be, all He wants to be, in us, to us, and through us. 

So we hope that you will find all that you are seeking here at St Chad’s and that together we will glorify Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord.


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Hello Parishioners of St. Chads and St. Laurence

I greet you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We all know what is happening by now. We are in a pandemic and a lockdown and this is affecting our way of being. I had long reflected on how this was going to affect our parish life and had started implementing the guide lines that were coming from our authorities and our Church leadership early enough. And as more information came to my attention, and after consultation with the Church Wardens at St. Chad, we decided to suspend the Sunday service on the 22nd of March. It was a bit late to call off the Church service at St. Lawrence, they continued with the Eucharistic celebration observing the Archbishop’s guide lines.

Now considering the President’s announcement of the total lockdown, this further requires us to remain at home from Thursday the 26th March midnight to the 16th of April. This means that our Lenten program of four services per week, Holy Week services and Easter Services are suspended. Furthermore, no funerals will be conducted in Church but at the bereaved home and only immediate family members are encouraged to attend.

In the light of the Bishop’s request to the clergy, I will be spending time in prayer, by continuing to observe the daily offices (prayers), angelus and celebrating daily solitary mass. This also applies to all the clergy of all parishes in my Archdeaconry and the Diocese. I also ask you to set time aside to pray for our families, parishes, the nation and the challenges we are all facing currently. From time to time I will send you messages of encouragement and any other prayer as I see fitting the circumstances.

Additionally, I am pretty aware of how your livelihoods and life will be impacted on by the circumstances we are in, but at the same time, I encourage you to remain faithful to our parish by continuing to contribute financially so that the administrative and pastoral ministry can continue in order for us to fulfil some of our obligations in these uncertain times.

Lastly but not the least, look after yourselves, particularly if you are senior within the parish. God bless you all.

Yours in Christ

Venerable Tobias Mutale

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